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Ultrain Class Schedule - September
Sat, Sep 26
Online Class - log onto Zoom
Toronto FC: Liam Fraser "A week in the life as a pro player"
This class Liam Fraser talks about a day in the life of a pro. From workouts and preparation for games - Everything you should know to improve your game
Wed, Sep 30
Online Zoom Event
"Turning Pro" with Kevin Molino Minnesota United
Minnesota United star Kevin Molino will give tips, advice and share secrets with youth players in Minnesota about becoming a pro. What their diet Is like, how many times a week they train, how to become a pro and so much more.
Wed, Sep 30
Online Zoom Event
Minnesota United GoalKeeper - Dwayne St. Clair
Get advice and tips from pro goalie Dwayne St. Clair

When did you know you wanted to play pro?

What tips do you have for defending one v ones?

What do you eat before matches?

What was it like playing in the World Cup?

How do you deal with big games?

dO you have advice on getting a college scholarship? 

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Frequently asked questions


What is Ultrain ?

Ultrain is a platform that provides online classes that professional soccer players teach 45 minute lessons to young players. Once a week, any young soccer player could join in a class and learn from an actual pro. Each pro player teaches classes a from "what they eat before games" to they deal with big games. Classes are weekly, and any youth soccer player could become a member and start learning.

What is included in membership ?

Silver membership: Members can select 1 class with a pro athlete per month plus all other benefits. Gold membership: Members can have unlimited access to all classes every month.

How do I access the classes?

All the classes take place via zoom. Once signed up, you will be given a zoom link to the room. The pro athlete will be in the room with other youth soccer players.

How much does Ultrain cost?

For $30 a member could join one class per month & for $50 a member could have unlimited access to all the classes.

Pricing & Payment

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