Who are we?

Ultrain is a platform where kids, young athletes and fans could get advice, mentorship and the best lessons from current professional athletes.

If you are in special needs or know any kids that cannot afford our service please contact us and we will provide them with an athlete for free mentorship and advice.

Email us their story bookings@ultrainapp.com



Katie Zelem

Captain of Manchester United's team, Katie is the boss of the group. She enjoy's Netflix and hasn't seen OZARK as yet. 

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Troy Gordon

Host of the Ultrain Podcast show, Troy is a former College Division 1 Water-Polo player. His dance moves aren't too bad either.

Founder / CEO

Darrius Marcellin

A former D1 Soccer Player and sports enthusisats. Darrius is based in Los Angeles where he is also an actor and while auditioning for ABC's Black'ish forgot his lines because he drank too much redbull.